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Custom Outdoor Privacy Curtains

Are you looking for more privacy and security at home?

  • Don't pay tanning salon fees. Sunbathe at home whenever you choose!

  • Transform your pool deck, lanai or outdoor area into your own private retreat whenever the mood strikes you.

  • Stop prying eyes from seeing onto your deck and into your home, especially at night.

  • Eliminate the need for high cost, high maintenance fencing or shrubbery.

  • Screen the direct rays of the sun, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon.

  • Block out the cold winter winds without eliminating air flow.

  • Control your environment with an "open and close" design.

  • Enhance the marketability of your home.

  • Special 90-day financing option available.

  • 100% Made in America!

Available in three options to meet your budget and decor preferences

We've made it INCREDIBLY EASY to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area in TOTAL privacy!!! Choose from one our three high-quality product lines, the option which best meets your needs and budget. We also offer a 90-day financing option. Just pay 50% down and the remaining 50% within 90 days...INTEREST FREE! Why wait any longer? Call us now for a quote and/or free in-home estimate!!!


Our Silver line is perfect for the budget-conscious consumer that still wants that finished look.

This product gives you all the privacy advantages of our Gold and Platinum lines without the expense. Our Silver product line of curtains are made from high-grade vinyl laminate material and come with a Sunbrella marine fabric valance in the color of your choice.

Although the curtain in this product line is only available in white, this has been a very popular product even for those who own high-end homes.

Choose to add lighting for additional ambiance!!!


Our Gold line features Sunbrella marine fabric and comes in a very large variety of colors. Sunbrella is the best marine fabric on the market and offers exceptional color endurance that stays strong and vibrant even after years of use.

The look and feel of the Sunbrella fabric gives our Gold line product a unique appeal and adds luxury to your outdoor experience.

Each and every one of our customers have been absolutely delighted with the performance of their Sunbrella curtains and valances.

The Gold and Platinum product lines carry a 10-year warranty on the Sunbrella marine fabric.
View our selection of Sunbrella fabric colors.


Our Platinum line features the same quality Sunbrella fabric as our Gold line with the added feature of installed outdoor lighting.

Over 80% of our customers choose to include lighting with their outdoor privacy curtains.

The rope lighting is mounted between the curtain and valance and creates a wonderful romantic nighttime ambience that our Platinum customers absolutely love.

The addition of rope lighting enhances your outdoor entertaining by providing just enough lighting to keep your guests safe without forfeiting the intimate atmosphere which our outdoor privacy curtains create.

All product lines carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on labor and materials.
View our selection of Sunbrella fabric colors.

Why Invest in a Privacy Curtain?

Many Americans are expressing a desire for more privacy and security at home. As our lives become more hectic, and our society more fragmented, Americans are looking for new and better ways to transform our homes into secluded retreats that allow us to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We want this seclusion without permanently sacrificing feelings of openness and our connection to the great outdoors and others around us.

At the same time, our home sites are now smaller and most communities no longer allow fences. Landscape buffers are expensive, take years to grow in, and don’t really afford true privacy. So how do we resolve this seemingly impossible problem?

Privacy On Demand, Inc.™ Custom Outdoor Privacy Curtains represent the ultimate solution to this dilemma. Your decision to leave them open or close them as the spirit moves you, gives you the ability to live the way you want to live, regardless of the circumstances.

Whatever your mood, on any given day, at any given time, our product puts you in control of your environment.

IMPORTANT: This product is primarily for privacy and decor and is not meant to block winds. Winds exceeding 20 mph may cause damage to the curtain system when curtain panels are connected and fasteners are secured to the base of the screen enclosure or lanai.